Allergy & Asthma Speciality


Scientific studies and research show a correlation between different forms of Arthritis and Allergy/Asthma of many types. The existence of the term Allergy, Arthritis among Immunologist supports these facts. Many allergies can cause joint pains, muscle discomfort, and so many symptoms of Allergy and Arthritis overlap.

Both Allergy and Arthritis are caused by reaction to certain antigens and produce antibodies in the blood. Both disorders are dealing with the body’s immune system.

Allergy acts as a risk factor for asthma and annually about 25000 people die world wide from asthma alone whereas 1 % of world wide population is afflicted with arthritis.

• In the archives Arthritis Today magazine, you will find articles about the association of allergies and arthritis along with food sensitivities.
Allergy and Asthma history was positively related to the prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis both in women and men as per the survey conducted Canadian research organization.”
About 50% of all Doctor’s office visits are for the above which accounts to a low immune system. The human frame is a complex system of integrated organs, designed to function in a wide variety of environments. It should be of little surprise therefore, that we react differently to similar stimuli, some in healthy predictable way, others in an uncomfortable or even life threatening manner.
The ever increasing demand for better preventive and health care services has witnessed the birth of Allergy, Asthma, Arthritis clinics to provide the highest standards in efficiency, reliable accuracy and medical ethical considerations to put an end to the woes of the suffering mankind. The clinics comprise of a new blend of Expert Physicians who take a proactive, multidisciplinary innovative patient care. Avoiding allergens can be difficult, so treatment is focused on treating the body to become tolerant by safest methods of therapeutics.
Professionals at Allergy, Asthma, Arthritis clinics are dedicated to investing time with every great , to question and to listen, educate consider, recommend and then apply in the course of treatment aspect.

To overcome and prevent a wide range of Allergies and immune conditions with a sustainable improved health by providing advanced professional care and service at all times.

Why Allergy, Asthma and Arthritis clinics:

  1. Are a optimal health and research centers of Dr Manu’s Homeopathy multi specialty clinics providing outstanding patient centered care with pioneering Homeopathic research.
  2. Promote social health awareness.
  3. Consult with, complement, and support where appropriate, the work of related organizations.
  4. Take time to listen and thoroughly understand your health concern to provide quality patent care.
  5. Engage in world wide exchange of knowledge and skills.
  6. Provide multiple expert opinions.
  7. Pioneers in Homeopathic preventive health care and management.
  8. Reputation of solving hard- to-solve medical problems making our patients the first to benefit from the advanced genetic approach of Dr. Manu’s Homeopathy research team.

The clinics specialize in treating the following:


Immune problems


Potentially life-threatening allergic reactions.


Acute swelling affecting eyes and lips, maybe linked with urticaria.


Often allergy to dust mites, moulds pollens, animals or foods.


Not just a simple allergy to dust, house dust mites, pets or moulds.

Hay Fever

Responsible for ruined exams and the lives of millions in glorious weather.

Oral Allergy Syndrome

Tingling lips and mouth, oral burning, soreness - not a life sentence.

Perennial (allergic) Rhinitis

Can be caused by dust mites, food intolerance or even chemical sensitivity.

Urticaria (hives)

Can be a local or generalised blotchy rash accompanied by skin irritation.


Progressive inflammation of joints in adults while Rheumatoid Arthritis affects the younger.

Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

From food additives, perfume ingredients, fabrics, paints, petrol, detergents and fire retardants.

Children's problems

Virus, infection or other cause?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS M.E

Is it all in the mind? Up to 80% of all people with chronic fatigue have a history of classic allergies.

Crohn's Disease & Food Intolerance

Food intolerance is the main cause of Crohn's Disease, which fasting seems to stop.


Is persistent pain felt at specific points on the body.

Food Intolerance / non-allergic food hypersenstivity

Responsible for many modern day conditions and ill-health.

Fungal Problems - Candida

Yeasts are not just harmless micro-organisms causing trivial problems.

Hyperactivity - Attention Deficit Disorder

Behavioural problems in children which can be due to food intolerances and additives.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

We're eating ever more fibre yet IBS similarly increases.


Is actually an immune phenomenon, its just the head reacting first. Why?


Is now described as the third epidemic and is linked to higher cancer and other diseases.